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*** Linger has been held on the FIRST Thursday of every month,
 since March 6th 2014 ***

Club Linger is the UK's first ever venue where masculine men who desire to wear female lingerie (and the men who admire them) can meet, socialise and play. It is also believed that it is the only one of its' type in the whole world !

Many masculine men have a fetish to wear lingerie but do not identify, or wish to identify as being feminine.

Items they love to wear CAN include: tights (pantyhose) , stockings, suspenders (garters), panties, basques, girdles, corsets, baby dolls, heels etc...

Do you love to wear them too ?
Outwardly , you a masculine man. You may be gay , bi or straight.

You have no desire to "look" or "feel" like a woman - you are confident enough in your masculinity to accept that you feel enhanced when you wear female lingerie.

You have no desire to wear make-up or wigs or "transform" yourself in any way. You may even have hairy legs, body hair or a beard.

All you know, and what we care about,  is that wearing lingerie  is very erotic for you.


Established and running since March 2014Club Linger London provides a discreet venue for you where you can dress and socialise or even play with other men , men who are lingerie men, or men who admire lingerie wearers, men just like you !

Many of the men who attend Club Linger London identify as gay , bisexual or bi-curious, however, straight men will also be made to feel very welcome and will not be pressurised.



Do you NOT dress yourself BUT you admire guys who do ?



Admirers are now welcome at our linger events. There are plenty of greedy, lingerie bottoms for you to play with :-)

Club Linger London is a men only space, we do not admit females.

We also do not allow entry to those men who wear make-up, wigs etc...

Club Linger is a venue for natural, male, men only.

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