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Guys - show us a day return rail ticket, to the value of 18 or above, and we will give you free entry to LingerLondon !

We appreciate that some of you guys might live quite a distance from LingerLondon.

We realise that you may have to go to the expense of a return rail ticket and so , we don't want to burden you any more than necessary so , we invite you to enjoy FREE ENTRY by showing us your day return* rail ticket ! ( value above 18)

Do you realise though , because our event starts early and ends early YOU can actually attend from places such as Norwich, Bristol, Birmingham , Brighton, Manchester, Sheffield etc... and STILL be able to get home for a good nights sleep after our event ?

Example train times :

London - Birmingham - departs : 2307, 2330

London - Brighton - departs  2325, 2351, 0002

London - Bristol - departs 2248 , 2332

London - Cardiff - departs 2248, 2332

London - Manchester - departs 2300

London - Norwich - 2230, 2330

London - Northampton - 2304, 2322, 0005

London - Sheffield - departs 2220 , 2333

London - Southampton - departs 2305, 2335, 0105

London - Paris  - departs 0540 (following day)

Train times are a guide only and were correct at the time (March 2020) of writing. Please check your rail provider for current information.

Now , you have NO EXCUSE not to join us and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our events.

N.B -
This offer is for guests showng a DAY RETURN Rail ticket only. That way we KNOW that you have travelled specifically to attend Linger.
We regret we cannot extend this offer to people who purchase overnight hotel accommodation as we have no real way of knowing that your London visit was due to reasons other than visiting Linger.

This offer is in effect right now but we reserve the right to withdraw the offer in the future. It will not be withdrawn though during the 7 days prior to any upcoming lingerlondon event.